"Photography has nothing
to do with cameras"

- Lucas Gentry

"You don't take a photograph,

you make it"

- Ansel Adams

I am a professional photographer from LA. 
In my early days I worked for Playboy then moved on to
advertising and specialised in studio lighting -
shooting everything from food to cars for Pennzoil.

Since living in New Zealand I have remained very flexible to
the needs of SeeReed's clients - shooting everything from
culinary herbs to luxury lodges and art collections.

In more recent years I photographed the cars at
WOW Classic Car Museum in Nelson for their table-top book.
Since managing and working on the restoration of a
58 Ford Fairlane Club Victoria for Jane, my passion for
shooting classic cars has been renewed.
They are not just cars, they are works of art.




Photography - Bob Reed

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Graphic Design - Jane Reed

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PO Box 52, Wakefield, Nelson 7052, New Zealand