"Design is thinking made visible"

- Saul Bass

"Design is so simple
that's why it is so complicated"

- Paul Rand

Born in New Zealand, I started my graphic design career in Los Angeles in 1990, studying and working in large design studios in LA and Auckland, before starting my own business and moving to Nelson in 1995.

I felt I could provide a better service if I offered a total service to my clients so I am the account manager, art director, graphic designer,
production artist, print buyer, and website designer!

To my delight this approach has worked well, allowing me to maintain a closer, more personal relationship with my clients which in turn helps me understand in greater detail what my clients expect and need.

I work with large corporate accounts and small ma 'n' pa businesses,
big budgets and not-so, advertising agencies and marketing
departments as well as sole traders...

Regardless of who or what, each client is as important to me as the other, our relationship being built on respect and trust. I also work with a pool of exceptional printers and industry suppliers as required.

No fluffy buzz-words or confusing jargon.
Between you and me, let's just keep it simple!




Graphic Design - Jane Reed

+ 64 3 541 8116

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Photography - Bob Reed

+ 64 3 541 9110


PO Box 52, Wakefield, Nelson 7052, New Zealand